Exploring the Differences: Egg Vibrators vs. Bullet Vibrators

Navigating Through Vibrator Varieties

The world of sex toys offers a wide array of choices to enhance personal pleasure, and among the plethora, vibrators have always been a popular pick. Especially when it comes to discreet options, "egg vibrators" and "bullet vibrators" frequently pop up, intriguing both beginners and experienced users alike.

While both terms might evoke curiosity, rest assured, there's no mystery to unravel here – only exciting discoveries to be made. Both egg and bullet vibrators belong to the pocket-sized category of intimate devices, often referred to as 'fun-sized' due to their petite and portable nature.

Join us as we delve into the key differences and unique advantages offered by each of these vibrators, guiding you toward making an informed choice for your personal pleasure journey.

What is a Bullet Vibrator?

A bullet vibrator gets its name from pretty obvious inspiration. Just like the rabbit gets its name from donning cute but deadly ears, the Bullet Vibrator gets its name from the way it looks, too. It's small, compact, and shaped like a bullet. They usually take just one or two small batteries and are little enough to slip into your pocket, your makeup bag, pretty much any old hidey-hole without being disturbed. Slightly different from trying to conceal a 10-inch dildo.

With a simple single button at the base of the vibrator, you manually click on bullet vibrators and let them go at one powerful speed. You can also vibe the button manually with the button to suit your tastes. Bullet vibrators are less of a g spot vibrator and more of a clitoral stimulative, but you can get your bullet vibe on however you like! 

Never use these for anal play because, unlike the vagina, the anal cavity goes on and on, and uncorded vibrators like this can get lost inside. Yikes. Don’t do it. 

Bullets are a pretty non-threatening addition to couples play, adding that extra external stimulation for you both to experiment with!

What is an Egg Vibrator?

Also taking its name from the way that it looks, an egg vibrator is more egg-shaped than circular or straight. You can get various models in different levels of egg-ness, but the functionality is pretty much the same. It can be called a few other names, too: sex egg, love egg, travel size vibrator, discreet vibrator, the vibrating egg of ultimate pleasure (ok, we made that last one up, but it’s pretty accurate.)

Egg Vibrators are designed to be inserted vaginally (not anally unless safely corded) for G-spot stimulation or used externally, as opposed to bullet vibrators that offer mainly external sensations due to the fiddly nature of the design if you try to use it internally. Eggs most often come complete with a string or easy removal loop for internal use to make the removal safer and easier.

Not only that, egg vibrators can come with a remote control like our Ultimate Vibe model, meaning you can pass the controls over to your partner to take the reins on your stimulation levels. Fun!

Being so dinky in size, both vibrating bullets and egg vibrators pack a surprisingly mighty punch when it comes to stimulative power. Big is not always necessarily better, and both bullets and eggs can make it easier to hone in on your exact wants and needs, finding the sweet spot instead of overwhelming the entire area like a larger model can. Their unassuming size brings us to our next point...

Traveling with Bullet Vibrators and Eggs

Yep. You can do that with these models.

Voyaging with intimate accessories, such as bullet vibrators and vibrating eggs, has become increasingly common as travelers seek to maintain their personal pleasure while exploring new horizons.

Given their petite and discreet nature, these vibrators make for the ideal travel companions, ensuring privacy and convenience on your journeys.

Navigating through security checks and ensuring the safety and cleanliness of your devices are pivotal. Keeping your intimate items hygienically stored in dedicated pouches or cases can safeguard them from contamination and avoid any awkward moments during luggage inspections.

Opt for items with travel locks or remove the batteries to avoid any unexpected buzzing that could lead to unintended suitcase surprises.

So now you know the subtle differences between the two sex toys - you can start shopping for the best bullet vibrator or egg for your collection!

For a g spot bullet vibrator, we recommend the Bullet L Vibe - portable and sleek for discreet play. It's a dinky 3.6 inches, and even at this size, it is still one of our larger models of the bullet vibrator.

For something even smaller on the vibrating bullet spectrum, try the Bullet S Vibe, a mini bullet perfect for everyday use. With a rounded tip and a dangerously cute size of 2.3 inches, this is the perfect sex toy travelling companion.

Want a 12 Function, remote-controlled egg to start playing with? Give the Remote Vibration Egg a crack! The egg itself is waterproof, and the remote makes it easy to control the sensations in a comfortable position.

While we don't advocate risky or public sexual experiences, we're also not telling you what to do with your life. This Ultimate Vibe Remote Controlled Egg can lead to some seriously kinky times, especially when letting your partner wield the controls, whether you're at home...or not at home. *wink wink*

And that's that, in a nutshell! We hope you find your new eggs and bullet vibrators tantalising - and a sex toy you'll never want to leave at home. We won't tell if you don't.

Till next time,

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Word of warning: Do not use uncorded eggs or bullets for internal anal play as they may get lost inside and require a rather uncomfortable trip to your doctor for extraction. Play it safe and keep your egg stimulation outside the back door!  

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