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    38 products

    Vibrators are our worst-kept secret when it comes to mind-blowing orgasms. Nothing quite beats the reverberating pleasure that a vibrator brings to a sexual encounter - and we’ve got just about every kind of vibrator under the sun for sale in NZ. Discreet and portable to our proud and unabashed rabbits, vibrators are a staple part of any toy lover’s toolkit. Wielding it alone is fulfilling but letting your partner take the controls is one more level of thrilling. All of our products come delivered through fast, discreet shipping, so you don't have to tell anyone what you're ordering...unless you want to. With our tempting range of vibrators for sale in NZ, you can add a little bit of vibrating spice to your experience!

    How to choose a vibrator

    Choosing a vibrator, with this many options, is tough - we get it. When browsing through all of the many vibrators for sale in NZ, the choices can be mind-boggling. So how do you choose just one? (Easy - choose many!) If you have to pick just one to begin with, consider what most attracts you to a vibrator in the first place. The multiple speed modes? The size or its discretion? The rotating capability? Or the ability to stimulate more than one area at once - such as g spot and clitoris simultaneously? Once you've zoomed in on what exactly attracts you to a vibrator, then you can narrow down your options.


    Looking for something with travel appeal? When you’re seeking vibrators for sale in NZ that you can slip into your bag on the go and travel with without an agonising wait at security search, or one that just zooms in on your pressure points - a mini vibrator might be the way to go! Small vibrators come in varying options of pocket rocket sizes and speed functions - and looks - because, the look is important, right?

    Double Stimulation

    Choosing a vibrator for sale in NZ that can stimulate both the g spot and the clitoris at the same time is easy with the rabbit vibrator models and a range of other designs that can literally rock you from the inside and out.

    Front or back?

    Vaginal and anal stimulation is easy with our selection of vibrators for sale in NZ for either, or both! Our choices are specifically developed and designed to hit the g spot, prostate or the clitoris - or a combination of two at the same time! You'll find easy to use, sweeping designs for next-level solo play and vibrators that you can entrust your partner to take control of.

    How to Use a Wand Vibrator with Your Partner

    While making it work is pretty straightforward, when you’re using any kind of vibrator or sex toy with a partner in the bedroom - open communication is vital. Make sure the receiver is in a comfortable position, either on their back, knees, or other supported position (the wand can really make you weak at the knees and the last thing you want is to fall down).

    Start on a lower setting to warm things up, or direct/listen to your partner's requests so the receiver is getting what they need. We recommend the use of lube for a slippery and non-jarring experience against the skin. Don’t be left out of the action - our customers love our wand vibrators for sale in NZ and are quickly becoming sex toy must-haves for many of our clients. Find out today by adding a wand vibrator to your essential beginner or advanced sex tool kit.

    Huge Range of Products

    Whether you want mini starter vibrators or are ready to ramp up the action with randy toys with a bunch of functions, we supply a massive range of some of the most affordable vibrators for sale in NZ! Shop our tempting selection today and find your perfect vibe! Get one, get many - we won't blame you if your cart ends up bursting! (Ours certainly does.)

    Enjoy Discreet & Fast Shipping New Zealand-Wide

    Your online shopping expedition doesn't need to come with tags! We’ll ship and deliver your chosen toys to you in completely discreet packaging, so only you know what when into your cart and what’s now on your doorstep! Our customers love our vibrators for sale, often coming back for multiple purchases - and it’s our job (and pleasure) to make it convenient for them to collect them all, without feeling like you have to avoid eye contact with the postie!

    100% New Zealand Owned and Operated

    Here, at Playmate Adult Store, we’ve got a great passion for allowing stimulating sexual experiences for adults of all ages, preferences and budgets and normalising the use of sex toys. Sex toys are not reserved just for people who are out of the ordinary, or “kinky” (although, kinky people definitely enjoy them). Everyone benefits from quality sex toys spicing up their lives from one of NZ's most affordable online sex toy suppliers!

    Silicone and Medical-Grade Materials

    We use only the best, safest materials in our vibrators for sale in NZ. Our materials are body-safe, and commonly found in medical use, so they are completely safe to use on your intimates and easy to clean to keep your adult toy box sanitary and free of germs! We supply a great selection of quality silicone toys, as well as others made from medical-grade thermoplastics which are flexible and better suited for body activities.


    Using Adult Toys Safely

    Yes, vibrators are safe for most people to use, provided that you are using them sensibly! Our vibrators for sale in NZ are quality and body-safe. If you are new to using sex toys, you're going to want to use a fair bit of lube to make it easier to insert your new play product. To be safe, go slow, to begin with, and opt for a smaller size toy. If using your adult toys for anal or vaginal play, make sure you put a condom on them if you are intending to share it with your partner! It keeps you both safe from infections and doesn't break the mood mid-experience in order to go and clean it, just whip on a new condom and away you go!

    Cleanliness Is Key!

    Keep your sex toys free from nasties by taking proper care of them, and cleaning them in a timely manner after you've used them. If you’re not sure, or have lost the packaging - you need to make sure that your sex toy is waterproof before dunking it in a sink. Most sex toys are designed to be washed with warm water, with little to no soap (or special sex toy cleaners), and then left to air dry completely before storing away. If your sex toy has batteries or chargeable parts (like vibrators or remote-controlled sex toys), you need to check the instructions on how to clean it effectively without damaging it, or simply wipe those areas down with a damp cloth instead of submerging them - if you’re not sure.

    Protect Yourself and Others

    Yes! Just like with a real penis, you can put condoms on any shaft. And we recommend it! Especially if you're sharing it in a couple! You can get condoms from our online store, or at your local supermarket shop (if you can't wait to try yours today!) You may not be able to get pregnant from a luxury sex aid, but you definitely can catch things off of one if you share it willy nilly.


    You don’t have to have wild tastes to enjoy fun, explorative and fulfilling sexual experiences! That is the founder of Playmate’s credo after seeing so many adult online stores geared towards the gritty, dark side of intimacy that doesn’t appeal to everyone. Playmate was created for people who want to have great sexual encounters and to give new things a try!

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