Can You Use Lube With Condoms?

Can You Use Lube With Condoms?

The facts, the rules, and the rest to get excited about!


One of the age-old questions we hear all the time! With so much fake news flying around online, it’s worth revisiting every now and again so that fewer people get the wrong information and opt to forgo lube in a sexual encounter, or even worse, opt to forgo a condom! Intimacy is at its very best when it is safe and comfortable (preferably enjoyable), for all parties involved!

So let’s dive in and break down some taboos, myths and get into the wonderful world of lube and condoms!


1. Why Condoms?

The real question is: why not? There’s a lot to gain and a lot less to lose when you use a condom safely, especially with new partners or casual encounters. Being one of the most popular forms of barrier contraceptives to avoid unwanted pregnancies, it is also essential for guarding you against unwanted sexually transmitted diseases, infections and other uncomfortable things you’d rather not share with your partners, romantic interests or relative strangers. With the huge range of condoms on the market today, boasting ribbed for his and her pleasure and other neat innovations for intimate pleasure, there really is a condom for every shape, size and preference. Although condoms aren’t 100% effective at avoiding pregnancies or STD’s (each condom provider claims a different percentage of success, so check the labels), they are responsible solutions allowing you to get to know other people on an intimate level as much as you want with low risk! Going without a condom is comparable to recklessness if you don’t know your partner very well or their sexual history, and have no interest in having babies. (Remember - the contraceptive Pill or other female contraceptive devices are not a fix-all solution so that you don’t have to use condoms!) 


2. Why Lube?

When you’re looking for a wet, slippery and painless experience when getting close and personal with your lovers, lube can be your best friend. There are three main types of lube that are popular - water-based, silicon-based and oil-based and comes as a slippery gel to enhance your pleasure and decrease friction. Water-based lubes are the most popular by far, as they are more likely to be hypoallergenic, easier to clean and generally gentler on your more intimate zones. Lubes come in all varieties, including adventurous styles that come with the promise of heating, cooling or numbing sensations and even come in a smorgasbord of tempting flavours to make your bedroom antics that little bit more delicious. Water-based lube is the perfect partner for safe anal sex, those who worry about dryness and therefore discomfort, or anyone who just loves the feel of the silky-smooth characteristics that lube brings to a sexy night in.


So, the big question: Can you use lube and condoms together?

YES. While that was a big yes, there are some exceptions to be aware of! You really need to investigate what kind of lube and condoms you are using together - and learn what goes together and what doesn’t. Because of the varying materials that go into making both condoms and personal lubricants, some just really aren’t designed to go together. Most condoms are made out of latex, and any oil-based substance (oil-based lube, coconut oils, baby oils, vaseline or body lotions) will start to break down latex, making the condom less effective.


If you use oil-based products with latex condoms, your condoms MAY BREAK.

As stated above, this includes oil-based lubes that are designed for sexual lubrication. Always check the label of the lube you are using if you are intending to use it in conjunction with a condom. If in doubt, choose a lube that specifically states that it is ‘water-based’ - and therefore less likely to cause damage to your condoms. When a condom breaks, you risk an unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted nasty - so always make sure you know exactly what tools you are playing with in the bedroom. If you are using latex-free condoms for any reason, be aware that they react the same way to oil-based lube as normal condoms - steer clear of the two together! Polyurethane condoms, on the other hand, are safe to use with oil-based lubricants or lotions. Always check the condom box to find out exactly what they are made out of so you know which lube is safe to use!


Let’s recap!

To prevent your condoms from breaking while using them with a personal lubricant, use a water-based lube with your condoms for a safe and comfortable ride for everyone! 


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