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We've collected a guide of common questions about sex, sex toys, masturbation and overall sex life stuff and answered them here at our online sex shop for your reading entertainment.

In an age when you are your safest sex partner (thanks, Covid 19), sex toys are flying off the shelves and people are asking, "Is this the new normal for my sexual fun?" With sex toys this good, a lot of people sure hope so. So while you're chilling there wondering how often it's ok to use your vibrator (as often as you want, by the way), check out these hot little answers to personal questions about partners, penetration and sexual possibilities.


Do sex toys really help women orgasm?

We started with an easy one. The rise in the female orgasm, and the understanding of female sexuality as a whole, is, in part, down to sex toys and the sexual confidence they bring.  This isn't restricted to women, either. Whatever equipment you're wielding, knowing what you like to do with it is the key to a great orgasm. When you've learnt what you like through masturbation and the different sensations sex toys can make possible, you're more willing and more confident to share that knowledge with other people. Confidence is sexy, and an orgasm isn't so hard to attain once you're confident with your body.


Is the G Spot real?

Yes, and no. Scientists still can't completely agree on whether it is real, or not. Technically, the g spot isn't a separate anatomical "spot" (which makes it quite hard to find, if at all), but the g spot refers to the vague area inside the vaginal wall that brushes up against the back end of your clitoral nerve system, allowing you to feel pleasurable sensations internally. So really, when you're stimulating your "g spot" and experiencing pleasure or orgasm, it's actually clitoral stimulation but from inside your vagina. You can reach the g spot with specifically designed sex toys that curve slightly, making stimulating that area much easier. If it feels good, who cares if it's really a "spot" or not?

Is it normal to only be able to orgasm with a sex toy?

And how do I explain this to my partner? It's actually incredibly common for people to only be able to experience internal or external orgasm with vibrator use or other sex toys, and that's totally ok. A vibrator does something that no human can replicate - vibrate. And if that's what works for you - great! Some guys can't orgasm unless their prostate is stimulated, which can be an uncomfortable conversation with a female partner - but it shouldn't be! Your relationship should be open to accepting each other's preferences when it comes to sexual pleasure (as long as it's legal, ok), and adding vibrators, beads or other toys to your couple's play can be super fun and exciting. Explain that it has nothing to do with your partner's prowess in the bedroom, it is a purely anatomical reality of your body that it has to be touched a certain way to achieve pleasure. Be gentle, and explain, and give them the opening they may need to share with you what they prefer in the bedroom. It can be incredibly empowering to share your stimulation preferences and bring you so much closer together. Life is too short for a relationship that doesn't include trust and openness when it comes to sex, as sex is often the only difference between a relationship and a friendship.

Will using a sex toy too often cause damage?

As long as it feels good, your sex toy is not causing you harm. If your vagina, clitoris or anus starts to feel numb or uncomfortable, then take a break - listen to your body, it knows when enough is enough. Clitoral stimulation often is the first thing to tap out due to the insane sensitivity involve, but there's no rulebook about using a vibrator other sex toys too much.


Is it super weird to buy my partner a sex toy as a gift?

No! Not at all, in fact, it's an incredibly selfless thing to do! You're thinking of their pleasure and encouraging them to be open about their pleasure preferences, and that kind of sexual relationship is a great one. It can be overwhelming to receive a sex toy as a gift, so don't spring it on them mid-intercourse, but offer to add the new sex toy to your next playtime, and explore it with them and see if they enjoy it. Make it about them and not about what you'd like - because that's what a gift is.


What's the best kind of sex toy to try if it's the first time?

Vibrators are always a good start for women, as you can dial them up or down, use them internally or externally and they come in all kinds of sizes. Choose quality and make sure, like our products, your first sex toy is made of body-safe materials and use plenty of water-based lubrication for a friction-free exploration. We suggest starting externally with clit play before diving straight in, so you can warm up to what you like. For men, it really depends on what kind of sensations you want to explore. If butt play interests you, start with small vibrators, plugs or beads before advancing to larger sizes and always use lube. Otherwise, our pleasure cups are a "similar to sex" sensation, completely on your terms - but don't forget to buy lube for any of your toys or it simply won't be comfortable.


Why should you use a condom for anal sex?

While pregnancy isn't a huge risk during anal sex, there are still plenty of reasons to put a condom on. Besides the normal STDs and STIS you can catch, wearing a condom during any kind of sex prevents other bacteria from spreading from person to person. If you switch from anus to vagina without a fresh condom every time you switch, you are putting that person at significant risk of bacterial infections. It is a well-known fact that anal bacteria must not get into the vaginal opening, that's why you're told to wipe front to back on the loo, it's just much safer for the body. If you switch between anuses (we know sex parties happen, ok) without a condom, you can get the idea of just how much bacteria is also joining the party.


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