Sexual Edging: What Is It and How Can It Help?

What is Edging?

Sexual edging is the process of stimulation to the very point of orgasm, but stopping right before orgasm and starting again. Consider it a delay technique and tactic to stop ejaculate in its tracks.

"What's the point of that? "You might be asking, but let me tell ya, edging is like living the best parts of life over and over again. Multiple amazing sensations for the price of one orgasm?

Where Do We Sign Up?

We all know how hard it can be to start again and go for another round once you've already orgasmed, and that's why edging is such a fantastic way not to have to be faced with a disappointed partner or a disappointing sexual experience for yourself.

Edging takes a lot of practice and some self-restraint not to allow the orgasm to go ahead (even though you really want to). But because the desire can completely flush out of you and the sleepiness takes over after an orgasm - edging could be for you if you or your partner wants a bit more out of the process.

Before you reach for treatment of premature ejaculation, try the technique of edging orgasms - they may just surprise you and relieve a whole heap of anxiety around sexual performance (and it's amazing fun, too).

How to Achieve Sexual Edging

Anyone can achieve sexual edging no matter your sexual preference or identity, with or without a partner. One of the best tips for learning how to start edging is to do it in private, so you can find your "edge" and what can send you over it. It can be hard to articulate that to a partner in the heat of things, so knowing your body, how it works, and the sensations that precursor an orgasm will prevent premature ejaculation when you want to engage and explore with your partner or partners.

Control is Key

The basic function of edging is to stimulate yourself or your partner until you or they are literally about to burst and then to instantly pull away, catching yourself from falling over the edge. This can involve touching or teasing of the penis, clitoris, g spot, p spot or any erogenous zone that typically leads to ejaculation. It can vary from person to person, so the process of training your edge works best if you learn to stop at the critical point of masturbation that normally ends in orgasm instead of trying to skip around the big show. The more you practise stopping right before orgasm, the better you will get at preventing ejaculation on your mission to last longer and build tension for a truly memorable climax.

When you've got a bit of a handle on edging, it's easier to engage in sex with a partner and enjoy the thrilling excitement of edging that prolongs climax. You can talk to them about what works for your body and be open about it, and make a game out of it - the control can feel amazing for both you and your physical partner. If you're feeling confident and a bit showy, you can demonstrate by masturbating and showing them how you stop the sensation the first time, which is also a well-documented type of foreplay that can really spice things up beyond the realm of edging alone.

Benefits of Sexual Edging

Edging can make penetrative sex and intimacy last longer, prolonging ejaculation for one or both parties and keeping the stimulation going for longer. Once you've hit a clitoral, g spot or p spot orgasm, it can be incredibly sensitive and hard to dive straight back into more sexual activity, which can cool off a moment. The same goes for penile orgasm. If your penis bounces back immediately after the first orgasm roaring to go for round two, colour us impressed because you're a rarity.

Practising sexual edging does wonders for your sexual life, solo and when engaging with a partner. if premature ejaculation is a bane of your existence, sexual edging can actually really help!

Edging trains your body to get close to the point of orgasm but delay ejaculate just at the edge and hold back, which makes you able to last longer. Holding off each time can actually make the experience so much more intense as well when you finally get around to the completed climax. (Explosive, in some cases.) Different sexual techniques, including edging, are fantastic and fun tools to improve your sex health and life - especially if premature ejaculation is a worry of yours, or early orgasm creates too much sensitivity to continue for the amount of time you and your partner want to play for.

The best benefit of sexual edging prolonging sexual climax is the confidence it brings to a sexual encounter. When you can control your sexual sensations and give your sex partner the lasting intercourse that blows their mind - you'll feel insanely good about yourself, too.

The Best Sex Toys for Edging

While any sex toy can be used with the delay technique of edging, here are some goodies that can let you go as slow as you feel like and turn the dial-up and down on your edging training.

The Magic Wand

Vibrators are FANTASTIC for edging, and the Magic Wand makes light work for either you or your partner to stimulate your favourite areas. Not only can you turn up the speed and intensity of the toy, but you can also quickly switch in and out of them to help hold back on that orgasm. Use with caution though, vibrators are known for sending you over the edge easily - which makes them a great stimulation tool and a great adversary for learning how to edge.

Cock Rings

If you're apprehensive about not being able to hold back ejaculate, cock rings make it a bit easier to slow things down - as they already restrict a bit of blood flow to your penis and make the journey last longer. Make sure you slide them on and off with lube and explore your edge with a little extra armour. Cock rings are super fun to use outside of edging training, too, as they can prolong penetrative sex and masturbation regardless of whether you're edging or not!


A good, old fashioned dildo is an easy way to train your g or p spot while edging if the vibration is not your favourite thing. They come in all shapes and sizes to suit your exact spot to help you (nearly) reach climax and pull back. Because they aren't vibrating, stopping the sensation is as easy as just stopping, no need to fumble for the controls if you were really almost there.

Couples Vibrators

If you want to both play with edging, try a seamless fit We-Vibe Couples vibrator so you can both benefit from sex that lasts longer and longer. A multi-zone vibrator may also help you share the sensations that will suit either of your preferences at the same time.

And there you have it! Edging is the unsung hero of creating a sex encounter that helps with bigger, more intense orgasms and lets physical contact continue for longer. Your relationship, your experiences, and your own self-confidence will thank you for it.

Tune in next time!

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