The Beginner's Guide to Sex Toys

The ins and outs of starting your sex toy collection, what each kind of toy of for - and how to ease into it the first time around.

Sex is Normal

That's the first and most important point we have to get out of the way before we discuss sex toys at any length. Looking around at your fellow citizens, you'd better believe a large number of them own or have owned a sex toy of some kind. Your friends, family (ahem), and colleagues are not immune to the many benefits that sex toys can add to a bedroom adventure.

Now you can wash that image out of your eyeballs; let’s talk about you.

You're probably here, as the title of this blog suggests: because you want to learn a bit more about sex toys. Welcome! As previously stated, sex and sex toys or aids are entirely normal and part of a healthy sex life for many people.

The first thing you need to consider when thinking about adding a sex toy to your relationship or solo activities - is what you're actually trying to achieve by having a sex toy.

  • Are you seeking clitoral stimulation and/or orgasm? Are you seeking to enhance clitoral stimulation for your partner during intercourse?
  • Do you find interest in being penetrated, be it vaginally or anally?
  • Are you seeking internal stimulation, p-spot (prostate) or g-spot vaginal orgasms?
  • Do you want to experiment with vibration?
  • Are you just looking for a bit of spice to add to your bedroom?

Every toy has a job, but every toy can be used the way you want outside of the lines a little. Just by deciding what kind of stimulation you'd like to try takes you on the path to knowing what kind of toy to start looking into first. If you want to try them all - we don't blame you!


The big ol' D-word. Just because dildos infer a phallic-shaped sex toy, they don't have to look like an actual penis. Dildos come in all shapes and sizes, suitable for both men and women to experiment with. They are traditionally used for g-spot stimulation but work just as well for prostate play. For solo exploration, dildos are hugely popular and provide a "filling" sensation. From butt plugs to long, realistic and girthy dildos, you can browse a wide range of models to pique your interest - even those that are perfect for sharing. Don't forget to use lube! Find dildos here


Vibrators are easily one of the most popular types of sex toys for both men and women alike. Just the mere external use of a vibrator can be mindbogglingly good for your sexual lifestyle, and a vibrator doesn't have to be used invasively at all. This is perfect for beginners because it's a lot of bang for your buck without doing something you might feel potentially uneasy about, to begin with. Vibrators add an element to the bedroom that can't be replicated by the human body, so it's a definite crowd-pleaser.

Vibrating sensations on any erogenous zone of the body can provide insane internal stimulation and external sensations during foreplay, masturbation or intercourse. So it's a great option for men, women, solo and couple play.

If you want a famous model, try the rabbit vibrator, designed for g-spot and clitoral stimulation simultaneously. If the randy rabbit vibrators look a bit much, you can instead indulge in discreet vibrations in travel-sized sex toys like the pocket bullet vibrator or the mini clitoral sucking vibrator - a popular choice amongst ladies wanting easy clitoral orgasms. A bullet vibrator is a best-kept secret in many a girl's travel bag.

The Cock Ring

Cock rings fit snugly on your shaft, restricting blood flow to prevent premature release. They build tension and heighten the sensitivity experienced, which is great news for guys everywhere. A cock ring, like all sex toys, can and should be used with condoms and lubricant. Make sure you pick a size that is right for you. If you try and force on a cock ring that is too small for you, your experience will probably be a bit less sexy than you imagined it to be...and potentially painful.

Anal Toys

While we've already covered dildos and vibrators, which can be used as anal stimulators - there are a few more options when it comes to p-spot and anal play. A butt plug can be a surprising addition to your adventures, bringing heightened awareness and sensitivity to the area. Many women enjoy wearing a butt plug during penetrative sex to heighten their experience. Beads are a popular choice, too, especially for men. Butt toys are one of those "you have to try it" ranges of toys to really get them.


No matter what kind of sex toys you find yourself indulging in, personal lubricant (lube) is very important. For both vaginal and anal penetration. Lube is the man-made answer to making penetration comfortable and far more pleasurable. If you don't use lubricant on your sex toy before inserting it, especially anally, you can do some real damage to your body. Rule of thumb? Just lube it up. Water-based lube is best as it won't damage condoms if you're sharing your toys. This is an excellent tip for protected intercourse, too; use a lube that doesn't hinder your condom's ability to do its job.

Find water-based lubricants & condoms here!

That rounds up our mini beginner's guide to sex toys!

How you choose to play is entirely up to you, we just provide the tools to play with! From the wild rabbit vibrator to the more subtle plugs and pocket-sized sex toys, there's a fit and shape for everyone. Our website is full of toys we haven’t mentioned, like pleasure cups (a fan-favourite), sex eggs, strap ons and more as you get more and more adventurous.

While we're no official sex educator, we hope you found this blog useful to get you on the path to picking the perfect first sex toy for a brand new kind of adventure.

Until next time,

safe playing!


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